Conference Idea

We would like to devote our conference to the history, discovery and development, as well as the assessment of mineral and health-promoting resources of the Ciechocinek brine (balneology), but not only that, we want to discuss the importance of the geological structure of the Toruń Valley located in the Vistula Pravalley and the location of groundwater in Kujawy and Pomerania, and in particular the development of the health resort Słońsk-Ciechocinek. We will also want to discuss matters related to the development of balneology and the health-promoting activities of health resorts in Poland (e.g. Inowrocław, Wieniec, Gołdap) and neighboring countries (Germany, Lithuania, Ukraine, the Czech Republic and/or Slovakia). In addition to therapeutic topics, we will also discuss matters related to the aesthetic impact of spa infrastructure (biocenosis, biotopes, architecture, etc.).

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